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5 benefits that you didn’t know about meditating during pregnancy

When you are pregnant you are often given a wealth of advice on how you can make things easier for you through those 10 months, the birth and then becoming a new parent. This can be overwhelming or it can be hard to know which advice is going to be right for you.

One recommendation that you might get when you are pregnant is meditating, so, how can it help you? Here are 5 benefits to meditation during pregnancy that you may not have realised.

It is a natural pain killer

Giving birth is an experience that no woman will ever forget and there is a good chance that you are going to want to find all the best ways to make it that little bit easier to bear. Most of the approaches that you can take to help with pain are medical interventions, however, if you want to take a natural stances, then meditation can really help. It is able to give you something to focus on, which clears out your mind and rather than thinking about how you feel right at that moment, you will be concentrating on your breathing.

It can help to relieve stress

Being pregnant is a magical time, however, even so, it can leave you feeling stressed out and anxious. You may be worried about your unborn baby, you may be worried about giving birth and you may also be worried about your future; all of which can leave you feeling stressed out. Meditation helps you to relax and unwind, which will relieve those feelings of stress, no matter what is causing it.

It helps you to sleep

A lack of sleep is something that you will be expecting when you have a newborn baby, however, you might not realise that before you even have your baby, you are going to find sleeping hard. You may not be able to get comfortable, especially during the late stages of your pregnancy, or you may be kept awake by anxiety or stress. There are plenty of things that can help you to get comfortable in bed, however, when it comes to feeling less stressed, you may find that meditation is exactly what you need.

Your baby will be chilled out

They say that a happy mum is a happy baby and we have to say that this is true. When you are feeling stressed out, so will your baby. This is regardless of whether they are still growing inside you or they have been born. Meditation will relax you, which will in turn filter to your baby and make sure that they are chilled out.

You can bond with your baby

Being able to bond with your baby is one of the key parts of becoming a new mum, however, with extreme tiredness, discomfort and a whole lot of worry, you can find it hard to do. Meditation once your baby has been born will give you a place to focus all the negative thoughts, no matter what they are, and then the rest of the time you can truly give yourself to your new role as parent.

No matter the benefit that you find appeals to you the most, it is definitely worthwhile trying out meditation during pregnancy for yourself and for your new baby too.

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