6h Zoom Session 

Our virtual one on one class and its content is adapted to individual needs. We will provide you with comprehensive and evidence based information and ensure all questions are answered. 

During the session we will cover following topics: 

Labour & Birth

Baby Care

Infant Feeding

Postnatal wellbeing

  • Third trimeter of pregnancy including physiological and psychological adaptations to pregnancy. 

  • Straightforward labour including early labour, active labour and what happens when baby is born. 

  • Homebirth. 

  • Coping strategies during early labour at home and active labour in hospital. 

  • Signs of labour and when to contact your midwife.

  • Pain relief options during labour. 

  • Induction of labour including natural ways to induce labour and medical pathway. 

  • Caesarean birth and recovery. 

  • Everything you need to know about what happens after your baby is born.

  • Practical skills including nappy changing., cord care, bathing and skin care.

  • Safe sleeping and co-sleeping. 

  • Baby products do and don't. 

  • Breastfeeding fundamentals to ensure effective attachment to the breast.

  • Positions for breastfeeding. 

  • Establishing and maintaining milk supply. 

  • Recognising and responding to your baby's feeding cues..

  • Recognising your baby is feeding enough. 

  • Common breastfeeding challenges and solutions. 

  • Expressing breastmilk. 

  • Formula feeding including mix feeding. 

  • Establishing routines. 

  • Speedy postnatal recovery. 

  • Mental wellbeing including baby blues and postnatal depression. 

  • Post caesarean section care. 

  • Perineal and pelvic floor care, 

  • Contraception after having a baby. 

  • Top tips for postnatal wellbeing. 


In addition we offer free follow up session lasting one hour to answer any questions you may have. 

Please let us know if you have any special requirements so we can tailor the content of the course accordingly. 

This antenatal course is offered in English or Polish.