• Improved communication between carer and baby (both verbal and non-verbal

  • Improved bonding and attachment outcomes

  • Increased confidence in parenting and all round improved baby handling skills

  • Massage routine that works all over baby's body from the head to babies toes

  • Our strokes are designed to stimulate many of babies internal systems (for example the digestive system and the nervous system)

  • Baby massage has been proven to ease many common baby aliments, such as digestive problems, teething, nasal congestion and sleep issues for example

  • Specific stand alone routines designed to help with colic and teething which many mums have reported as being immensely helpful with these often troublesome and distressing common concerns

  • The process of massage helps to release oxytocin in both our babies system and also in our carers doing the massage

  • Oxytocin is a stress busting hormone that combats stress, improves relaxation and also works as a natural pain reliever

  • We are delivering classes which are friendly, non-judgemental and informal this is essential for to carers feel relaxed, calm and therefore enjoy the process


Welcome to our virtual one on one baby massage class! Baby massage became increasingly popular and it's for right reasons. Baby massage not only encourages and aids the bonding process between baby and parent, but it also has countless other benefits for everyone involved. We will provide you with comprehensive and evidence based information and ensure all questions are answered in privacy, from the comfort of your own home.

first of all... congratulations!

Hundreds of parents graduated from our courses last year. We offer modern alternative to group classes. Our courses are popular with mams and dads who prefer one on one sessions, value individual approach and benefit with opportunity to ask more questions compared to a group setting. We feel very privileged to share your parenthood journey and promise to provide you with holistic, caring and non-judgmental support.

why choose us?

We are qualified midwives and have worked with hundreds of pregnant women and their families using variety of approaches to achieve and maintain optimal health before, during and after pregnancy. We will provide you with evidence- based information, practical parent to parent tips and expert advise as the NHS frontline workers. 

what can you expect from this course?

This class consists of five weekly sessions of approximately 30-40 minutes each over two to five weeks, depending how many classes you would like to do during the week. During these five sessions we will cover all body parts. If you would like to continue beyond 5th week there is option to get additional classes. 


Please note you will only schedule your first session when making a booking, rest will be scheduled by contacting us directly. 

This baby massage course is offered in English or Polish. 

watch our educational video

Today, you hold the most precious miracle in your arms.