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5 reasons why Grandparents should spend time with their Grandchildren

Whilst parents are a key part of any child’s life, it goes without saying that there are some other people who can also be important to have around. One example of this are grandparents. Often overlooked or perhaps even mistaken for a chance at some “free childcare” grandparents, are actually very important to children for a variety of reasons.

Whether you are a grandparent, a parent or anyone else in between, here are the 5 reasons why we think that grandparents should spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren.

It reduces your chance of Alzheimer's disease

We all get old and there are going to be a variety of medical and neurological issues that can come with age. The thing about children is that they keep our minds alert and functioning, and they make sure that we are focused and thinking. They also keep our imaginations ticking over, which means that our brains are kickstarting all the time. In doing this, you are reducing your chances of developing Alzheimer’s or another neurological disease.

Grandparents are a fantastic role model for children

Children learn from the adults around them and this means that the more positive role models that they have, then the better that they can grow up. Of course, not every grandparent is going to be a natural with their grandchildren, but sometimes just by being around and sharing their life experience, that is all that is needed.

They have plenty of life experience

Whilst you never want to admit it, the older you are, the more experience that you will have in life. Of course, not everything that you have been through will be relevant to tell children, but this doesn’t mean that it is not worthwhile. Simply having plenty of knowledge of the world and how to find your place in it, is sometimes all that you need to be able to pass down to your children.

They can offer much needed support, guidance and time

We have already mentioned that grandparents shouldn’t be taken for granted and simply seen as a free source of childcare, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t help out. Being a parent is hard and sometimes you are going to need to some time for yourself. This is where a grandparent can help, they can take care of their grandchildren and make sure that their parents get some “me-time”.

Children love them!

Above everything else, one of the main reasons that children should spend time with their grandparents, is because their grandchildren love them. They will look up to them and they will want to be around them. Isn’t this enough reason to bring them together?

If you are a parent then it is vital that you make sure that your children see their grandchildren as much as they can. Not only to ensure that they create a bond with them, or to give you some much needed adult time, but also for the long-term health and wellbeing of your parents too.