Keep calm: 5 amazing benefits of meditating during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of excitement, lots of preparation and adaptation to change. It is also a time that brings lots of questions, doubts and sometimes worries. Meditation can help you listen to your mind and your body, and help you feel refreshed and more focused.


You can think of meditation as some one-to-one time with yourself. Meditation can have different forms, for some it can be as simple as focusing on deep inhales and exhales for others it could be guided meditation. Either way recent evidence shows that meditation is very beneficial for health and wellbeing and that is no different when you are pregnant. Some of the benefits you may want to know about are: 


1. Natural painkiller


What you must know is that during and after meditation endorphins and dopamine are realised in abundance, and these bad boys are up to 100 times more powerful than the strongest painkiller- morphine. With a strong cumulative effect, the more you  practice meditation during pregnancy, the more dopamine and endorphins you can pump out in the delivery room. 


2. Stress relief 


Pregnancy is very special time but it can provoke anxiety and stress. When you stress your body produces stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These released over a long period of time can trigger an inflammatory response that can result in lower birth weight or an early delivery. Meditation is well known to reduce stress and realise happy hormones. 


3. Sleep, sleep, sleep!


If you still not convinced, this will! Yes- you can get better sleep with meditation and trust me you need it before baby's arrival. Study in 2010 of pregnant women practicing meditation particularly in the second trimester showed that they slept much better at night. I don't know about you but good night sleep equals happy me; happy me equals happy people around me. 


4. Zen baby 


Meditation not only nourishes an unborn baby's health and happiness, but also has smoothing effect. Study in 2014 found that infants born to women who mediate had a better temperament at five months than those whose moms didn’t get the habit. 


5. Mother and baby bond


Lots of emphasis is being put on the importance of the attachment and bonding with the baby when is born. However, this closeness and responsiveness can and should start in pregnancy. Meditation is a wonderful practice to achieve that and connect with your unborn baby.  



In summary, the one thing about the meditation is that it just works. It presents with lots of benefits to yourself and to your unborn baby, it costs nothing and can be easily adapted to your daily schedule. Personally, I like to meditate first thing in the morning to set my day with a positive intentions and to experience sense of calmness and tranquility. How to do it? You can simply concentrate on your breathing or if you prefer more guided mediation here are some interesting apps you may want to have a look at: Breethe, Simply Being, Insight Timer and Oak. 


Still unsure where to start? Why not book our Mindfulness and Meditation session where you can learn all tips and receive our resource pack. 



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